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Travelcom is a boutique travel agency in Mount Maunganui with highly traveled staff whose experience and advice is a local best-kept secret. With an identity that no longer properly reflected the boutique nature of their business, the team came to us looking for something that would set them apart and appeal to the next generation of adventurous local travelers.


Travel and tourism has become more commoditised – generic hotel rooms, discount fares and tourist-oriented packages. In this environment of sameness, many people are desperately searching for unique adventures and original travel stories. They want to travel their own way, collect their own stories. And when you’re time-poor and can’t afford to put in hours of independent research, it can be hard to get advice that suits you.


We’ve positioned Travelcom as the small local boutique travel shop that’s able to invest real time in getting to know you, providing experienced travel advice that’s competitively priced and uniquely suited to where you want to go and how you want to travel. The energetic new identity system draws on colourful destinations and paths of exploration – ocean, road and rail. Instead of relying on beautiful, bare landscape shots, we’ve used candid photos that capture real travel stories and adventures. Literary travel quotes inspire a sense of history and culture.

“Some beautiful paths can’t be
discovered without getting lost”

Erol Ozan