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That’s because when you’re weighed down by layers of other household waste, there’s no oxygen, and even the most organic waste needs oxygen to break down – who knew that?

 Tauranga has one of the worst rates per capita in New Zealand for sending unnecessary waste to landfill. 70% of all household waste doesn’t need to end up there. Our job was to stimulate consultation with the local population to give TCC valuable data to inform their decisions on propossed changes to kerbside collection. 

To care about submitting feedback Tauranga residents need to care about the problem.

No one really wants to think or talk about rubbish. And the council does a pretty good job of making it disappear. We needed an idea that helped educate and sparked conversation.

Led by four trashy characters, our campaign captured the attention of residents through their unfortunate stories of being buried alive in landfill. All collateral drove traffic to a landing page within the Tauranga City Council web environment where we added additional layers to educate and host the survey.

Engagement results were some of the highest recorded for council submissions. Our strategically placed media across outdoor, radio, print and digital (search, programmatic display and social) channels generated almost 10,000 survey submissions.  

That’s a whole lot of trash talk!