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Highlighting the strong alignment between the company’s activities and their position in the local community was a focus of this years annual report. A key component of the ports success is it’s geographical location which also contributes a great deal to the on-going economic growth and success of the Bay of Plenty community and New Zealand Inc. The port has a significant physical presence but has to maintain it’s licence to operate in the heart of the city. Straddling two sides of the harbour, the port occupies land adjacent to the CBD and Mount Maunganui’s popular Pilot Bay beach. 

The WAVE team set out to find a way to showcase their business operations seamlessly connecting with the community in which they operated. Bound together in a symbiotic relationship that benefits all. We articulated this unique partnership with a simple and visually intriguing storytelling device, a series of half pages throughout the report. Top-down images, one from the earth and one from the air. The visual intrigue of industrial and natural environments coming together created a unique graphic story telling narrative.


The Port of Tauranga team’s happiness is always our first measure of success, though this Annual Report was also recognised for its innovation by our industry peers. It won a Silver Medal in the Graphic – Business Communication category at the 2018 Best Awards.