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Everybody’s Kombucha

Kombucha can be a little bit intimidating. This is because in order to maintain kombucha’s integrity, most brands emphasise traditional origins which, in turn, alienates the masses.

We grasped this opportunity to create a brand that flies in the face of tradition. Everybody’s is New Zealand’s first kombucha to sit alongside soft drinks in the ambient aisle. It doesn’t need refrigeration, it’s not made in someone’s shed and you don’t have to be a hippie to love it - because it actually tastes good!

Standing out on shelf

We utilised our space on-shelf for advertising. By designing packaging that looks and reads like a billboard, we appealed to consumers with an inclusive, fun message to help them feel more comfortable choosing our kombucha.

A kombucha everyone
can love

The brand was launched with four-packs in three tasty flavours across 145 North Island stores. To support the release we shared some fun social media videos on Instagram letting everybody know there was a kombucha just for them.