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Growers at heart. Future in mind.


EastPack is New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit postharvest operation. It’s also a co-operative, set up to put grower success ahead of company profits. Feeling that their old tagline, ‘world-class orchard to market’ no longer felt like a competitive advantage, the marketing team approached us for some fresh ideas. Before forming a point of view, we went out and spoke to growers to find out what makes EastPack different and what’s most important to them at postharvest.


With their annual return riding on each harvest, kiwifruit growers rely on postharvest operators to get a good price for their fruit. But with every postharvest operator promising a great OGR, we wanted to give EastPack a fresh and straight up way to tell their story. Our tagline ‘growers at heart’ is part of a longer grower-to-grower style conversation. It says ‘We’re owned by growers, we think like growers, and many of us are growers ourselves. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.’ Campaign work is designed to follow through on this, using facts and figures wherever possible to show what EastPack is doing to help its growers succeed.