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It’s a love story

Le Grá is a family winery based in the Wairarapa, New Zealand – run by Brian, Nicky and Orlaith Geary, who have a strong connection to their Irish roots.

They came to us needing an identity and label that would bring their name to life. While unearthing their story, we discovered that Le Grá was so much more than a name. Providing us with a unique opportunity to create a very personal identity, that grows with time.

It starts with their story.

Determined to create a better life and future opportunities for their daughter, the Le Grá winery was born purely out of love. Their daughter has a Tuberous Sclerosis, a rare and complex health condition. Mainstream care and education would not provide the life that her family wanted for her. 

With a leap of faith, the hung up their corporate jobs and started a new adventure ­– buying a vineyard and learning the art of wine making. This gave them more time together, and new opportunities for their daughter to thrive. 

To this family, time could not be more precious. Keeping in mind their daughter’s health, every year they have together is cherished. And every year is also important, as they release another vintage; each time mastering their craft and growing stronger as a family business.

This story is what informed our design approach.

Embracing Brian’s Irish ancestry, we decided to visually make each year meaningful, centered around the shape of a heart ­– based on the Celtic meaning of Le Grá itself ­– ‘with love’.

Using lines representing the cross section of a Wairarapa vine, Le Grá’s identity and label will keep growing organically, with each vintage. This is done by adding a new ring to the vine lines on the label each year – adding another ‘ring to their vine’, and so adding another tale to their story.

The result is a not just a striking wine label, but a love story.

A reason to experience each vintage, and a reflection of the effort, care, and ultimately the love, that goes into each and every bottle.

So far, the outcome has been more than heartwarming, and incredible successful.

While they are at the very start of distribution, of sharing their new identity, they’ve already scoped lots of  PR attention – as the story told captures the hearts of Kiwis.