Repositioned and reinvigorated


We tested brand perception on a number of different levels with different stakeholder groups to ensure it would resonate with the people that matter most. The brand was relaunched with a two-stage TV campaign that appealed directly to NZCB’s customers – New Zealand home owners. Our awareness phase focused on NZCB’s market-leading residential building guarantee. This was followed up with a TVC that builds an emotional connection by highlighting some simple parallels between the builder working on a home and the family that gets to live in it later.


Early on, we discovered that there was confusion among New Zealand homeowners around what ‘certifed’ meant and represented. Builders, on the other hand, were proud, knowing they belonged to the building organsation with the highest joining standards in New Zealand. To avoid miscommunication, we recommended changing the name from Certified Builders to the simpler, stronger, NZCB. Drawing on the strength and energy associated with the colour red, we created a logo inspired by New Zealand rooflines, shields, load-bearing angles, and the heart symbol. We then established a design system that reinforces strength, industry leadership and superior workmanship. Then, in addition to the NZCB identity, we created new names and marks for Halo, NZCB’s residential guarantee insurance, and REDi, the business insurance that’s available to members.


A lot has happened since Certified Builders was first established in 1998. The building industry has undergone massive change and consumer confidence is low. With a new building guarantee in place, we were asked to deliver a new brand identity for the membership organisation that would remind builders and homeowners what it stands for and delivers. We began the project with a discovery phase that gave us fresh insight into what it means to be (and choose) a Certified Builder.