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Our brief was to create a new Seltzer brand and packaging for Premium Liquor, relevant to a New Zealand audience and culture.

Our strategy was to inspire a feeling that created this connection–creating an emotional benefit attached to the drinking experience.

The Sun. It radiates light and makes life possible. And here on earth, it connects us all, and brings us together.


Friends of the Sun– a unifying idea which celebrates our connection to the most powerful element we know.

The setting sun gives us the feeling of an uplifted vibration; which inspires us to savour the moment. 

This universal element became the perfect way to demonstrate and align to our brand message– to give our audience a deeper feeling of connection, linked to the most common consumption moment.

We took influence from the icon of the setting sun itself. Our brand system uses bold graphic shapes – representing the setting sun – stripping the motif back to its most minimalist form.

The result is an expression of ‘fresh’ – much like the taste of the Seltzer itself.