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More in the making

Our aim for this year’s annual report was to project an optimistic, future-focused tone within an authentic story of success and progress. It needed to celebrate Ballance’s milestones to date, while also signalling what the future holds.


WAVE worked with Ballance’s team to create a report around the theme ‘more in the making’ to communicate how much Ballance has accomplished over the past 12 months and to communicate the plan for the future. 

This report taps into the idea that Ballance is continuing to lead the way with product and service innovation, and still has more in the pipeline. It is structured to reflect financial and non-financial metrics and commentary – speaking to both the achievements and aspirations of Ballance and its people, in a contemporary, approachable manner.


A carefully-crafted design celebrates the people behind the ‘more’ – the thinking, planning, passion, detail and vision that goes into Ballance’s work and securing its bright future. The WAVE team helped capture the real stories and imagery from throughout the country. A rich, crisp, news-like format was created to give shareholders continued confidence in Ballance’s work, strategic focus and direction. Visually, the report’s use of golden sunlight and rich landscapes, alongside engaging people, helped convey the positive aspirations of Ballance and the Co-operative’s collective focus on the future.