Proven to reduce blockages by 40%*

Save our pipes from wipes is a ready-to-go integrated marketing campaign proven to reduce blockages in waste water pipes caused by flushing wet wipes.


“WAVE helped us to target our local community online and get more people talking about this important issue. We were really impressed with the difference they made to build an online conversation.” 
Steve Burton, Manager City Waters, Tauranga City Council


Wet wipes are clogging pipes across the world, causing massive environmental harm and costing cities like ours hundreds of thousands each year. 

WAVE worked with the TCC team and created a campaign that harnesses the power of positivity to start a conversation about this important issue.

We knew that if we just told people not to flush wipes, they’d think it didn’t apply to them. So, instead we’ve created a super-catchy animated video featuring our likable two tonne elephant to get the city talking about a negative issue in a positive way. 

The campaign is digitally lead and focusses on targeted social media. It is supported with outdoor placements such as bus backs billboards, bus shelters and street posters.


When TCC implemented the campagn it also acheived good additional coverage across other media such as TV and newspaper. 


Why it’s more effective

We can create hyper-targeted social media posts,
right down to the specific street, within hours of
blockages being reported. This means we can
react in near-real time, so our posts are
super-relevant for the affected communities.

On average unpaid Facebook posts only reach 6.4% of your Council page’s followers. Using WAVE’s post boosting and advanced audience targeting increases that reach to over 57% of people in your region.


How does it work?

In Tauranga, Water Services funded the project, while the Communications teams worked directly with WAVE to deliver the message - using paid Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can now use the same marketing collateral, customised for your community with local imagery. 




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